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Our History

Maximiliano Kolbe School opened on 1 February 1989 by founders Mr. Pedro M. Sanabria Ortiz and Mrs Reyna Becerra Sanabria. The desire of the founders was to create an educational environment where the teaching and learning process is done with love, respect, joy, and in an atmosphere of freedom. The first year of Maximiliano Kolbe School had only 49 students among preschoolers, elementary and middle schoolers. In the early years the school embraced the Franciscan philosophy, illuminated by St. Maximilian Kolbe.

In 2001, the school shifted calendars, from A to B. Therefore students get the opportunity to travel abroad to take immersion courses in schools meeting the same schedule.
Maximiliano Kolbe School is on the cutting edge addressing the needs that society currently demands.
The principles foundations of the school philosophy are:

REASON: Teachers use reason to nourish, change or create beliefs. Reason lends itself to the use of intelligences, engaging dialogues, critical analysis and self-reflections, and revealing passions, which are all directed towards the harmonious integration of the individual personality and the greater good of society.

FAITH: Church and the educative activities share the path of salvation, which seek to place teenagers in society.  With their faith, young people live their relationship with God, the world, and their fellow man, finding the meaning of life. St. Maximilian Kolbe and the Virgin Mary are inspiring teachers of the educational model; their presence plays a vital role in educating the students.

FRATERNITY: In Maximilian Kolbe doctrine is that: "Hatred does not create; only love creates." We believe education comes from the heart. It is not enough to love young people, but they need to feel loved. Fraternity fits in the context of education.  Without fraternity there is no education.

SENSITIVITY: Students are encouraged to integrate artistic and physical expression and follow the path of discipline.

Kolbe philosophy also emphasizes the following principles:

Our school is Christian oriented, based on principles of reason, faith, fraternity and sensitivity. We help students become autonomous, free, leaders with noble ideals and always striving for excellence. Therefore, our philosophy is based on the development of values, within the framework of the philosophy "All for Love.”


Colegio Bilingüe Maximiliano Kolbe
Km. 4 vía Siberia Cota, Finca Versalles, Cota (Cundinamarca)
Teléfono: 516 94 89
Celular: 3134425596 - 3134426872