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Quality management

In 2006, the school chose the option to certify its quality management model with ISO 9001,  and after demanding work within our institution, certification was achieved in May 2008.

One of the main reasons to be certified with the ISO 9001 models is that this model is based on an educational process that always seeks the satisfaction of the stakeholders. Furthermore, over 1'500.000 organizations worldwide have chosen this model for their system to certify the quality of their management.

This approach aligns  leaders of all areas of the school to the same vision and mission.
Further more, the school is obliged to measure the outcome of its management periodically to see if its objectives and goals are on path.

After utilizing the Deming Cycle PDCA, (Plan, Do, Check, and Act,) the way we manage all activities have improved, resulting in a more effective organization. Growth is better objectively measured, and an awareness of the importance of continuous improvement has been instilled.

Today we know that quality is not a destination, it is a continuous road that we  travel on every day.


F-DE-07 Ver. 01

I will try to educate and develop students within a Christian framework and a focus on bilingualism. To develop students so they are equipped to face the challenges of today’s world, and develop good citizens and leaders that contribute and provide community service to their local and global home.


F-DE-08 Ver. 01
  • To become a leading Colombian bilingual school. 
  • By 2017, to be positioned as an International School, with the highest quality standards, allowing students to succeed in our globalized world. 
  • To offer our students the best technologies, and the best pedagologies,
  • To offer all of the above within a humanistic and Christian axiological framework 


Colegio Bilingüe Maximiliano Kolbe
Km. 4 vía Siberia Cota, Finca Versalles, Cota (Cundinamarca)
Teléfono: 516 94 89
Celular: 3134425596 - 3134426872